My attempt at using online dating usually starts by creating an account and ends by closing it immediately after I realize I need to write an “about me” section.

Seriously, how can anyone pull that off?

When I was in high school, this probably would have been easy. “I’m a nerdy kid who practices Martial Arts, plays too many video games, and fantasizes about a girl talking to him one day.”

I’m sure my inbox would be flooded.

The point is, no one enjoys writing these. How do you sum up all of what you are, forged through a variety of experiences, career changes, and years loves and losses into a few single paragraphs? It just doesn’t work.

The age-old party question “What do you do?” is a lot of people’s worst nightmares. Am I an electrical engineer? A diver, martial artist, or writer? I watch movies, too- that’s something I do. Right now, am I a research volunteer? But everyone knows how to answer this question, which, if properly revised would be asked: “What do you do for money?”

Still, I’ll try and give you at least a snapshot of who I am. I’ll spare you a 10 year old picture of me with 6 pack abs, causing you to wonder if I still have those ( I don’t).

To give you my resume answer:

I’m a bilingual electrical and biomedical engineer with a Master’s Degree in International Space Studies. I’ve had the privilege of working on projects at NASA and in hospitals around the world. Skills include programming, embedded systems integration, and being a boss at Microsoft Office.

To give you a small piece of my non-resume answer:

All I’ve ever wanted to do was all the things. As cliché as it is, I want to set foot in as many places as humanly possible. In 2009, an experience had me fall in love with human space exploration that invoked a new kind of meaning of what it is to be an explorer.

In the last couple of years, I’ve been lucky enough to have traveled and lived in several countries having had the chance to talk to some of the most caring, insightful, and odd people that exist. I’ve also had the opportunity to work and speak with some of the top people in space research including living legends that have stepped on the surface of the Moon.

In the meantime, I rediscovered my joy for writing with long-forgotten memories of little me writing escapism action-adventure stories tucked into the bottom drawer of my dresser recently coming back into my mind.

This blog is about sharing my on and beyond Earth journeys with you as earnestly as I can, as well as my own personal challenge to become one of those people who can write something worth reading.

Hopefully, this haphazard rant can give you some sort of idea of who I am.

I also like long walks on the beach, in case you were wondering.